Experience Communications, LLC

Founder and President, Karli Massey, has nearly 20 years of EXPERIENCE crafting stories and communications campaigns that help get out the word about the many accomplishments of individuals and organizations.

Originally from Albuquerque, she has traveled and worked throughout the West, focusing on stories about Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Texas, Wyoming and her native New Mexico.

Life is an adventure. Savor it!

Karli Massey exploring Chaco Canyon

"I love being able to tell a good story and that’s what I do through my writing. Throughout my explorations (sometimes called workations), I have found that each day brings about a hankering for something new, exciting, educational and oftentimes delicious.

For samples of my work, I invite you to visit my portfolio of writing projects (past and present), as well as my personal blogs ... "


Note that in this diverse portfolio of communications pieces -- many were strategically crafted with the goal of getting the word out about an organization's accomplishments and its people.

Travel & Photo Blogs

Making information accessible, fun to read, and chock full of visuals, enjoy these two WordPress community blogs:


Learn more about my roles and responsibilities at various nonprofit and government organizations, and view a list of clients.